Meet the Director

Joseph M. Deutsch, MD

Program Director

Mount Pleasant High School.  Class of 1997.

Unlike other states, when a Delawarean asks you what “school” you went to, they are referring to high school.  I was born in Wilmington, Delaware.  I went to public school for 13 years. After high school, I attended Haverford College, a small, private, liberal arts school outside of Philadelphia, PA, where I studied history and took my pre-med requirements.  Haverford was founded by Quakers, and its values of community, equality and trust resonated with me. I majored in history and wrote my senior thesis on a comparison of the polio and AIDS epidemics, which helped me understand the stigma and burden of disease in our society.

I went to medical school at Jefferson (now Sidney Kimmel) Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. Like many people interested in becoming a physician, I found medical school to be the first time I doubted myself. My mom suffered a stroke when I was a first year. I took a year off. When I returned, it wasn’t quite the same. Physiology quizzes didn’t seem to have the same meaning anymore. Starting clerkships at Christiana Care in my home state of Delaware helped me recover. Taking care of patients allowed me to move forward and find joy and happiness again. I completed my internal medicine residency at Christiana Care as well, and it was truly the best three years of my life (to that point at least!).

I became a medical educator for a few simple reasons. It’s rewarding to me to develop, mentor, support and help people.  I get to know people as individuals and give my best effort to help them become their best selves. I love sharing knowledge with another person. Whether it be about life, what it takes to be a great physician or how to treat pneumonia. Finally, I know how hard being a medical student and resident can be. I experienced it myself, and I want to make another person’s journey just a little easier.

I worked at Christiana Care (including clerkship and residency) for more than 15 years. I served as an academic hospitalist, clinic preceptor and associate program director. My accomplishments included developing a mentorship program, a simulation curriculum, a lecture series and an inpatient teaching service. I love bedside rounding, interacting with patients and their families, and teaching residents and students in an engaging and interactive way. I like putting people at ease, and allowing them to grow under my guidance.

I came to Bayhealth for the opportunity to create something special. Special for the state of Delaware. Special for the people of the communities of Kent and Sussex County. Most importantly special for the residents and medical students we will train. Being a physician is special and amazing. Training you to be the best physician you can be will be our goal.

We want you to feel like family while you train at Bayhealth. We will care for you, push you, console you, celebrate you.  Depending on the day of the week and which rotation you are on of course! You will develop relationships here. You will embrace this community. You will tell people where you went to high school. Most importantly you will become an even better version of yourself.

I look forward to you joining us for this next step of your journey.