The GME Wellness subcommittees’ goal is to improve resident and faculty wellbeing by developing strategies to improve their health, reduce stress and burnout and enhance their ability to find joy and meaning in their work.

The subcommittee will provide education and resources to promote healthy behaviors in and out of the workplace.

The goals and objectives of the subcommittee include:

  • Assess and monitor burnout and well-being in residents and faculty
  • Teach all physicians to recognize signs of burnout in themselves and others and how to address
  • Develop and disseminate wellness best practices and curriculum
  • Advocate for resources to meet physiologic needs
  • Advocate to address systems factors that impact work efficiency, workload and work-life integration
  • Contribute to the broader field through collaboration and scholarship

The subcommittee meets monthly and has resident and faculty involvement.

Wellness Subcommittee Chairs: Shalini Shah, MD, MPH, ABOM, dipABLM and Lindsay Grasso, MD (General Surgery Resident).


Walk with a Doc

Walk with a Doc

Walk with a Doc – Walk with a Doc
Bayhealth Graduate Medical Education participates in the Walk with a Doc program through the Wellness Subcommittee. This initiative is resident led. Walk with a Doc brings people together for a common purpose – taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Walking truly is the best medicine, and we want to make it safe, accessible, and fun for people around the world. The benefits are even more amplified when we can walk and roll with others in nature.

VITAL Worklife

Residents/Fellows have access to Vital Worklife through Bayhealth. This system provides well-being resources. VITAL Worklife provides a comprehensive set of well-being resources designed to help residents/fellows face and overcome life’s challenges. All the resources are confidential and free.

Residents/Fellows will be provided with login information during GME orientation. There is VITAL Worklife app for easily accessibly access to the resources at any time.

VITAL Worklife link: Member Login | VITAL WorkLife

VITAL WorkLife provides a confidential and discreet solution specifically designed to reduce stress and burnout, promote work/life integration and support the wellbeing of your physicians.

Physician Well Being Resources include:

  • Physician Peer Coaching
  • WorkLife Concierge
  • Counseling and In-the-moment behavioral Health Support
  • Coaching
  • VITAL WorkLife App
  • Wellbeing Advocate Program
  • Financial Consulting Services
  • Legal Services
  • Online Resources
  • Leadership Consultations and Coaching
  • Proven Process and Program Engagement Support